Trikita Entertainment

Trikita Entertainment was founded by Yury Krestinskiy who started his work in the film industry in 1985. In 1993-1994, in collaboration with the School of Dramatic Art Moscow Theatre, he produced a number of plays and films by Anatoly Vasilyev, a major modern director and play-writer, including «Doesn't go» (1994), «Kashtanka» (1994), «Donkey» (2017). Yury Krestinskiy was one of the producers of the screen adaptation of the cult novel "Generation P" by Victor Pelevin. The film directed by Victor Ginzburg collected a number of awards at the major international film festivals and was widely distributed in Russian cinemas and abroad.

Trikita Entertainment has also co-produced the comedy «Italian movies» directed by Matteo Pellegrini in cooperation with Indiana Productions (Italy), drama «Tsili» (2014) by Laurent Truchot, drama «Little bird» (2015) directed by Vladimir Beck.

The major focus of Trikita Entertainment is the production of feature films with the potential of international distribution and participation in international co-productions.