Allegory (2017, Switzerland)

Producer: Anatoly Vasiliev
Script: Anatoly Vasiliev
Starring: Asino: Sentenza, Pirandello, Finna, Ulisse, Zeus, Saturno, Stella, Marco il Grande, Apollo, Gibilisco, Ares and others


Review: The praise of the Asino. The content is the simplest possible, one might even say, it's somewhat peasant in its nature, - it is a hymn to the animal whose name is Asino. His name serves as a prototype for the heroes of the great novels, and he himself, the Asino, becomes the hero of sad and fascinating stories from the Old Testament to Latin Rome. Little Italy has retained to this day the veneration of this animal which becomes explicit during Palio celebrations. Every autumn residents of small towns come together  to amphitheatres, to stadiums, not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of pure joy that gives them this amazing animal during the Palio feast. The material of the entire allegory film is composed of short stories (novellas). Just like the author's manuscript to the future novel, this "Asino" is epic, unhurried, - like human life itself.