Status: development
Director: Sergei Bodrov
Script: John Kolvenbach (based on an idea by Sergei Bodrov)
Producers: Sergei Bodrov, Yury Krestinskiy (Trikita Productions (USA)), Skady Lis
(Getaway Pictures (German)), Louis Ferrara (Trikita Productions (USA))
Status: pre-production
Production: Trikita Productions (USA)

Review:  The game is all the rage.  The rich play it, the working class play it, the homeless play it on mean streets.
The game is to tell the truth.  You want to survive?  Then you better know who's lying.  But everybody has a secret to hide.  In the end, all the liars are dead.  The Survivor looks at the dead bodies and laughs...the truth set me free!   The dead players get up, collect their coats and bags and go home. It's a funny game.
From a penthouse in Manhattan to a hut in Katmamdu, millions play the game.
The world's 12 best players are brought to a landing dock and barge in the ocean.  It's the First Annual Fool's Game Tournament.  "Winner" takes all...10  million.  The players are excited to start.
The mysterious Master of Ceremonies announces a change in the rules.   10 million dollars says  they'll play for real.  The Players think it's a joke until the first dead body hits the floor. The doors lock down.  No escape except to play.
The people of the world watch online.  They're horrified...they can't turn their eyes away.  Bets are made, millions ride on this one.
"If you wanna live, you gotta play"