Genre: action / epic / drama

Script: Sergei Bodrov, Carolyn Cavallero, Eric Nazarian
Status: development
Producer: Sergei Bodrov, Yury Krestinskiy

Review: Samson overflows with life. The Philistines are his tribe's enemies, but they are also his closest friends. Only with them can he be himself, drinking and laughing and entertaining them with his jokes. When his closest friends kill his wife and her family, Samson vows revenge. He burns their fields and towns , killing hundreds, and then flees. The Philistines send their army to capture him. To save his people from war, Samson surrenders. He is rescued by friends, but then betrayed by a woman who loves him. The Philistines blind him, robbing him of his power.

The years pass. Blind Samson knows that the Philistines plan to invade his homeland and destroy his people. The day of the great festival to the gods arrives, and Samson takes a horrible revenge.

Samson was the first Super hero in history. His story comes to us from the ancient past, from the land of the Dead Sea. Yet a Superhero never dies. He will live again in this movie.